Antwaun Cook and Fantasia

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  • rara


  • Jazzy t

    I wish Fantasia well in recovery; & hope she will make better decisions to protect her famous life style. God has blessed Tasia with a gift for the world to hear her beautiful voice. We all fall short & make mistakes. Hold your head up Tasia & walk with your God.

  • marilyn

    fantasia i hope you know what u r in for he do her he will do u

  • quiana

    Fantasia I love u endless and noone is worth u leaving this world ur so special and I’m so proud of u don’t scare me again I could have died when I heard about what happen

  • Shantelle

    Hello Tasia,

    You are human and I know being famous has brought alot of joy but also alot of pain. I come from a very religious family and as my grandma use to say “before you can be a blessing to someone else, you must take care of yourself first”. As women we fall in love and we look for a man that has the qualities that we are looking for. Sometimes we dont dig deep enough to find out the missing pieces. Because either we are scared to find out the truth or we just dont want reality to come into play. Believe the same situation happened to me a year ago. I had to realize to let go and let God in. Once you let go! and believe in God all your worries will be set free!

    Love you,

    Your Fan

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