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The homie Illseed has some photographs of two little ass kids getting their freak on on the streets. Making out and hunching?? This can’t be serious, they look like they were just toddlers a couple of years ago. SMH.


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  • The Brown Bornet

    1st – we need Jesus!

  • nija

    *clutches pearls*

    OH LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    wtf??? i really dont know wat else to say… she’ll be pregnant this time next yr

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    oh yea…. and im sooo glad they aint black!

  • Milio


  • BlackGirlLost

    That’s DAMN shame…too much tv not enough parenting for real…we can’t keep letting BET and MTV and the RADIO raise our children…

  • Milio

    where did they learn that?

  • caramelbabe7

    Omigoodness!! This is terrible! They look like brother and sister! Where are the adults this is bad.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    I’d kick my child’s ass if I ever….ohhhhh….somebody fan me….

  • valenne

    lol @brooklyn bombshell

    she will be pregant before 12.

    I mean, that is probably bexasue of TV!! Hoe come little kids like that know about getting freak ?!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


    This is a mess!

    I didn’t get “dry-humped” until I was @ most 14…….

    It’s a new breed….






    jokes people.


    LMAO at the disclaimer! It’s a shame you have to do that….lol!

  • valenne

    is she going to do a fellation? OMG!!!

  • andrea

    i’m not surprised… this world is going nowhere positive.

    it reminds me of the morgan state girl tape for some reason.

  • Rolling my eyes!

    need their ass beat!

  • Zayah


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