Remember This Greasy Chick

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Remember the movie Belly and the chick that was all greased up with baby oil???

Pop it to See What She’s Looking Like

Actress and singer Taral Hicks is about to make her come back in a new movie called DISCIPLE. Don’t think she’ll be greased up like her role in BELLY, so maybe she won’t slide through the cracks and disappear again like after the movie and her music career.



  • Mr. First


  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    1st? Second?

  • http://msn tha Roc best

    I didn’t know see could sing. I love this girl even more now. sing to me with those big tits

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Hey Mojojojo! :)

  • Robert

    i remember her in Bronx Tale also.Fine as hell

  • Leave a Reply

    Taral did the best rendition of Silly I think possible.

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Yeh I’ve soiled the “Belly” dvd case once or twice because of her.

  • Arasiam

    She’s still cute.

  • mojojojo

    hello brooklyn how u doing
    where u going can i come too
    what up my g
    hows the wife? she still come on here?

  • Curvy

    Actually, her best role was in “A Bronx Tale” w/ Robert Deniro. She really needs to take off a couple of those make up layers b/c she is a pretty girl

  • john hope franklin (still waiting on my apology from that cracka)

    people should not touch classic cuts….PERIOD
    and yeah i do still love her big fine chocholate ass!!!

  • john hope franklin (still waiting on my apology from that cracka)

    cant forget her in bronx tale too!!!

  • reese

    WOW a dark skin female in showbiz no wonder she don’t work.Deniece williams did this song better.Maybe she should lightening her skin i hope not

  • brown sugar

    i looooove a bronx tale and belly


    I loved this song thought she was talented wondered where she went.

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