Charlamagne’s Interview with Beanie Sigel About Jay-Z Got Him Fired

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This sh*zz with Beanie and Jay-Z is getting a little out of hand. A couple of days ago, Beanie did an interview with Charlamagne on 100.3 in Philly and that’s when Beanie revealed his feelings about Jay-Z. Low and behold, three days later, Charlamagne gets fired from 100.3… DAMN!!!

Charlamagne is the same radio host that got the Bad Boy rep suspended when he had Cassie on his show and he was going in on her but this time, there was no one else to punish for Beanie’s comments, only the Charlamagne himself. Now, this may be far-fetched (NO NOT REALLY) but do you think it’s possible for Jay-Z to actually have something to do with Charlamagne getting fired or maybe Papa Bear Knowles stepped in and handled the situation for his son-in-law???


Well, the good news for Charlamagne is that once he let everyone on Twitter know what happened, Ocho Cinco offered him a job. That doesn’t sound too bad, just make sure you don’t accept any checks from him, we heard that they like to bounce.

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