Nivea Pulls A Power Play… Calls In Weezy For Her Video!!!

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After playing nice with her “sister-wives” this weekend, it looks like Nivea still managed to get one last little dig in — getting Wayne to make an appearance in her video for “Love Hurts”. More info along with the video and another still shot on the flipside.

Weezy’s definitely been busy squeezing in as much work as he can before his 8-12 month sentence at Riker’s Island, that work has included recording a series of videos — from the 10 videos he shot with Young Money in one night, to this one, a last minute appearance in babymama #4 Nivea’s first video from her forthcoming fourth studio album Purple Heart (due out this Summer). Wayne agreed to appear in the video on just two days’ notice, appearing on set last week for close to two hours of the nearly 12-hour shoot.

While the video for “Love Hurts” seems to be about Nivea being strong enough to move on from a romance, but we’re pretty sure she got a kick out of catching some of those freaky scenes of her legs wrapped around his waist on camera…

Click Here To Watch The Video For “Love Hurts”

With Wayne scheduled to be sentenced today (Mar 3), Nivea, who has a three-month-old son with Wayne has also made an official statement offering her support.

“Wayne, I pray for your endurance during this difficult time. Know that your mind, heart, spirit and talent will prove to be stronger than the confinement of those walls.”

And as for this video — we don’t even know where to start!!! The wrinkled trenchcoat with the fur hood? The bootleg set? Nivea clearly getting a kick out of Weezy doing her an OBVIOUS favor?


  • dont-b-mad-@-me-when-am-mad-@-you

    they too ugly mehn, i feel sorry for the baby, smh

  • Fritschyboy@


  • Aunt Viv


  • Aunt Viv

    But LOL @ “sister-wives”

  • ms j


  • LaDiva

    Please sweety stop embarazzing yourself…
    weezy aint gonna stay faithful no matter how many kids u pop his way.

  • jamaican Beauty

    Goood One Nivea

  • Choco

    I’m embarrazzed for all of them and I do mean each and every one of them…smdh

  • CRod

    She looks like a little girl playing dress up to me. She’s trying waaayy too hard.

  • oh please

    co-sign with Gotfreckles … I heard Toya say once that Nivea was there before EEvereeey BbOdy… how sad what woman will do just to settle….listen ladies it’s 2010… these people are back in the stone age, I’m not saying they all should be bickering and spiteful 24-7 but cut the best friend crap just be peaceable for the sake of your children, they know they don’t like each other, but I guess that’s the conditions of being apart of the herum…

  • oh please

    Harum sorry

  • Rae

    To each, his/her own. They are living it up, doing what they want, and only they know what they go through. Why hate? There is no need, they got someone else to answer to – ya heard!

  • nocomment

    I will not put Nivea down about her looks, however, I will say that Toya & Lauren are pretty. I’m not sure about the other baby’s momma…dont recall how she looks. Anyway, the song is OK…her vocals could’ve been better.

  • Logically Speaking

    Say what you want but Nivea has Dream and Weezy child support money. If she wanted a better set I’m sure she could have. It just looks rushed and forced. When Nivea was new out the gate she had a different swag about her. She looks like she’s still trying to fit into the stereotypical R&B mold and it’s time to step her game up.

  • Michelle

    Nivea is ugly she is trying to hard for me!

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