Oprah Apology Backfires! Mo’Nique Is More Pissed At Her Brother Than Ever

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"Mo'Nique Gerald Imes"

SMH… Oprah ya done fu*ked up now! Despite receiving a televised apology from her molester brother, Gerald Imes, BOSSIP has learned that Mo’Nique is less than thrilled with how his “Oprah Show” interview turned out. Pop the hood to find out what’s made her even angrier than before.

On Monday’s “Oprah Show,” Imes admitted to molesting his sister for the first time. He confirmed that the molestation continued for a year or two, starting when he was 13 and Mo’Nique was 7 or 8.

Although Winfrey asked Mo’Nique if it was okay if her brother Gerald Imes appeared on her show, Mo’Nique still wasn’t happy with the interview because she felt her brother lied and wasn’t sympathetic enough towards her.

“Gerald actually made the first move and called Oprah asking her if he could appear on the show,” a source close to Mo’Nique told RadarOnline. “So, Oprah called Mo’Nique to see if she was okay about him appearing on her show to discuss the abuse and although she was not entirely happy about it she gave Oprah her blessing.”

Imes said he decided to appear on Winfrey’s show to apologize to Mo’Nique and bring their family back together. Imes said he himself was molested and he was using drugs and alcohol at age 11.

“I abused and betrayed the trust of another sibling, my sister, my blood sister, I’m sorry, Mo’Nique. I’m sorry,” Imes said on the program. “Hopefully somewhere, somehow as siblings we can come back together as brother and sister.”

However, instead of helping her relationship with her family, the Oprah interview only made the strain between Mo’Nique and both her brother and her parents, who also appeared on the episode, worse than ever.

“Oprah and Mo’Nique were never the best of friends…” the source added. “She was particularly upset that Gerald lied to Oprah that he molested her while she was sleeping because she was wide awake and scared of him.

“Also, she is angry that he did not get any help or enter a rehab and she does not trust him around children.

“Oprah asked her to appear on her show again for another interview but at this point she has declined the invitation.

“If anything it has made the situation worse between Mo’Nique and her family and she doesn’t know if she will ever speak to them again now.”

Mo’Nique is the victim in this case, so she has every right to be angry, but do you think she should be mad at Oprah for opening the can of worms???

And in cases of sexual abuse — how often do victims forgive their abuser? We can see how someone might have a really hard time overcoming something like this that happened in childhood. At the same time, most people are only given one family — how many folks think it would be worthwhile getting some family therapy to try and bridge the pain caused by the abuse?



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