Mashonda To Swizzy: Fu*k You, Pay Me $344K

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Swizz Beatz Mashonda Divorce

Mashonda wants her money and poor Swizz Beatz is gonna have to pay. Mashonda is going hard now that the divorce is final and Lil Licia Keys is allegedly knocked up:

The ink’s not even dry on their divorce yet, but hip-hop producer — and soon-to-be Mr. Alicia Keys — Swizz Beatz and his ex-wife are heading back to court.
In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Mashonda Dean says the man who officially became her ex-husband two weeks ago already owes her $334,000 in missed payments. “I so much wanted both of us to get on with our lives and maintain our respect for one another, but he now shows that his priorities and sense of responsibility are screwed up,” R&B singer Dean said.

Dean’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, called the nonpayment “particularly troubling” because of reports that Beatz bought a seven-carat engagement ring for Keys earlier this year and that they’re moving into a $14.5 million duplex penthouse on Crosby Street. Beatz told The Post his ex’s allegations that he owes $325,000 in equitable distribution and $9,000 in alimony and child support are “inaccurate” and “overblown,” and said that he’s gone “above and beyond” to provide for her and their son, Kasseem Jr., 13.

He said he’d agreed to pay Dean more than the judge required and much more than his lawyer recommended — he even had to sign court papers acknowledging that he was going against his attorney’s advice.

“I gave over what the judge was recommending to give. I gave her $700,000 up front, because I thought $200,000 wasn’t enough for what she wanted to do. I still get spit in my face for it,” he said. He suggested that the subsequent payments had been ready to go when he discovered “she’d been selling all my stuff out of my house.”
Clair said the only items his client sold were some remote-controlled vehicles the producer had left behind after movers took out his belongings.”

The two sides are due back in court next month. The 31-year-old will reportedly tie the knot with the stunning “Empire State of Mind” singer Keys this summer.

It’s hard for us to believe that Swizzy is a deadbeat, poor Mashonda just might be a wee bit bitter, huh???



  • 2dimplzs

    Hey – you gotta pay the back pay, it’s only fair!!!


  • Tee

    She deserves every penny and more!!! F**king dog!!!

  • http://deleted Martinigal

    It’s time for her to move on. He gave her more than what the court ordered, now shes been greedy.

  • oscar

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    no paternity tests needed for any of his kids!!

  • tellthetruth

    Yep, she’s bitter. I’m not buying into him being a deadbeat dad either. Poor Mashonda, don’t be mad Alicia is pregnant with his seed. He offered to give more than what his lawyer and the judge allowed…damn Mashonda. You are looking bad, sourfaced, humiliated, just all kinds of just DUMPED!!!



  • me

    i think he’s really showing that he’s over her.. by allegedly being fair. i’m always supporting women… i know she’s hurt and i know how he conducted himself is wrong, but the fact that he is ALLEGEDLY trying to give more than asked just shows that it’s over in his mind.. so he actually won’t being pulled into the court “game”… she doesn’t want it to be over… so she continues any type of relationship. i feel so sorry for her. i really do. soon, she’ll be over it too i pray. as for karma, let it do it’s good work.

  • intensemocha



  • Marquis de Sade

    Well if he has a paper chase that substantiates the $700,000 paid to her, she’s gonna risk the ire of the judge and could wind up like 50 cents baby mama. She sounds like a petty scorned b*tch. :lol:

  • me

    my thing is.. if it aint shi.. then just pay it. if you want to give her more than ask, then give her that and let it be done w/.

  • really???

    Yeah, I have followed their story for awhile now. As a married woman with a child I understand her pain. The best thing she can do at this point is live her best life. Let his butt move right along with his mistress-turned-finance, and go on vacations her friends, party, shop, and enjoy life. Go to cooking school, get a graduate degree, drop an album. Something. Leave him alone. Ignore him and let him have his kids whenever he wants… more time for you to “do you”.

    That’s that I’d do anyway.

  • ErycaK

    Mashonda is hurt. I guess she was a rider. She shouldn’t do a Kelis. Just take the money Shonda, get a therapist and buy yourself a man like Shaq’s ex-wife Shaunie.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    I gave her $700,000 up front, because I thought $200,000 wasn’t enough


  • Satindoll

    @ me

    Agreed…I understand she is hurt and all, but he gave her more then the court ordered and against his lawyer’s advice. At the same time i will not tell her to get over it, she will when she is ready….I just hope that she is not doing it because she is bitter because karma is no joke…I wish them all the best…Mashonda, one day at a time, sweetie…It gets better with time…

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