BDR’s Boo Moving On to the Next Nicca

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Porschla doesn’t waste any time at all:

Vanessa and Angela Simmons had an awkward run-in with their uncle’s ex the other night. The girls, who starred on MTV’s “Run’s House,” were walking the red carpet at the LeBron James Foundation event when they came face to face with Russell Simmons’ ex-girlfriend Porschla Coleman – on the arm of Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd. A spy relates, “They said hello, but once inside, the girls avoided Porschla all night.”

Hmmm. Jason Kidd doesn’t look like the “yoga-type“, but we’re pretty sure that his paper game makes up for that. Maybe Kimora was right. SMH.



  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    hee HHee

  • JayMa


  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    was this the Octaroon Convention ?

  • JayMa

    Damn you Crazy Ass Rodney….

    Anyhoo, Porshla is gonna get that paper, I don’t think she is all that much of a banger but she is nice looking…..

  • Armon

    Everyone knows that Porschla is an opportunistic wh0re who is all about giving up the p@ssy for some paper. And old ass Jason Kidd is probably getting social security by now….poor thang.

  • Creole Baby Hotter Than Ya Mama Grits

    oh my

  • ♥☺♥☺♥☺2cute4u♥☺♥☺♥☺(AKA BBC)

    Hey…she could do a lot worse than Jason Kidd! Anyway they’ve both had their fair share of “industry dates”!

    BTW I loooove Ralph Lauren! Love the perfume, love the clothes, love the shoes…need I go on!


    J Kidd a old school Alameda County Pimp

  • dfiestyone

    Whatever, he has moved on hasn’t he??? He didn’t waste any time right?? Why can’t she??? I think that she’s absolutely beautiful!!!! I wish her well!!

  • Milio

    Amen dfiestyone!


    Well how long should she really lay around and wait. I mean it isn’t like they were married and she was a widow!! I mean be real we all know BDR ain’t packing, I guess she needed to get the cobb webs cleaned out!

  • texas_thickness

    He didnt waste no time moving hell he got another teeny bopper on his arm as we chat YA HEARD ME! Porschla do your thang girl dont chase em replace em

  • sweet_lies

    tail 4 sale…

  • Somer

    Double standards……Russ all ready moved on, WTF is Porchia suppose to do. She is beautiful & has excess to wealthy beautiful men. It’s not like she really liked him. I just don’t think she could stomach being with his ass anymore. It takes a special type of hoe to screw old ugly men. Russ wasn’t even cute when he was young.


    man she a celebrity ho..but she so damn fine i cant blame jason :)

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