T.I. And Tiny Update: Authorities Say They Were About To Get It ‘Poppin’

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Tiny and T.I. Arrested

We told y’all this morning that T.I. and Tiny got popped for possession of a controlled substance. Well, new reports just emerged and the ‘controlled substance’ is….. (drum roll please)


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested because cops claim they found what appeared to be ecstasy in their car.

T.I. and “Tiny” were arrested on the Sunset Strip last night after making an illegal U-turn. Cops say they smelled marijuana, conducted a search and found a controlled substance.

Initial reports tried to say they had cups of that Sizzurp in the ride but we’re now told that the substance was allegedly ecstasy. Law enforcement sources call it a “small amount.”

The pills are being tested.

Although the couple have not released an official statement, Tiny sent a Tweet to her fans.

Tiny Tweet

Judging by these photos, it looks like Tiny took the L for her man.



  • nana

    Heard they had meth, codeine, weed and ecstacy! Wow so basically tip n tiny r drug addicts

    • uo87

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    • BadAzz


    • Amber

      Man hell naw T.I aint on no meth bullshit! that’s disgusting. and errybody kno that’s a white folk drug lmao

  • LuVn_LiFe

    Geeze i like Tiny and t.i. but she is one ugly woman .

    • LuVn_LiFe

      And they have been all over the place lately,When do they see their kids?

    • ooh no you didn't


    • LuVn_LiFe

      Geeze she is ugLy”

    • NewestObserver

      They don’t see their kids because they are too busy drugging and acting a fool, LOL. Those kids are probably raising themselves since daddy and mommy done lost their freakin minds.

  • Jaye

    I see that they didn’t get the royal treatment like Paris.

    • Butterscotch™

      Paris is not on probation after pleading guilty to federal charges.

    • msgirl

      no she wasn’t on probation hmm i wonder why? she was just arrested and let go because she had a small amount similar to Tiny but she had to post bond. I wonder…

    • nicole perry

      they human just like the rest of us and r subject 2make mistakes……….stop hatin

  • Sally

    Take one for the team tiny!!

    • Lady A

      You already know she did that!

  • 2Sweet

    They’ve been doing ecstacy for years.

    • janesmiss

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  • so disgusted

    speechless. Im not gonna even throw judgement . Smh

  • tb

    Stupid broad taking the rap for a man that’s cheating on her. Yeah, he put a ring on it but he doesn’t respect you enough to be faithful. Stupid bird!!!

    I hate to see desperate chicks love a man more than they love themself. This is just sad.

    Women stay doing things for nuccas…that the nucca wouldn’t do for them in a lifetime. SMGDH

    • Gemini

      I’m a ride or die chick but your words are so REAL!!

    • http://redbutterfly101 derri

      Okay I disagree with the name calling. Love Tiny but so believe TI is not faithful and think she knows just playing stupid

    • http://u bklynlady

      tb- now thats REALLY REAL!!!!

    • wow


  • Willie Lump Lump

    Why does she feel it’s necessary to tweet fresh out of the holding cell!

    Damn get your priorities straight!

    • mosiane

      Damn, took the words right out of my mouth.

  • tb

    Wow, she is really teaching her kids how to do the right thing and stay on the right side of the law.

    • NewestObserver

      She not even thinking about those kids. The kids are raising themselves. She too darn busy trying to keep up with the hubby who don’t give a shaat about her. He just happened to put a ring on it but that means shaat to him and the sooner she realize that the better off she will be. What a waste of a marriage that should not have been in the first place.

  • Over it...

    TMZ had a pic w/ him in the back of a car too so I don’t think she took the rap for this….and I think it was another person in the car too…..who the hell makes an illegal u-turn w/ all that sh*t in the car…DUMMIES!!

    • Lisa

      Clearly, they don’t understand that L.A. is NOT the ATL. In the A, you can make crazy U-turns. Also, in the A, they would have been able to pay off some Black cops and we would have never heard a word about it. T.I. might be the “King of the South”, but in LA he’s nothing but another ni**a.

    • Dirty30

      A damn Snitch that’s who she going to prison so she better get use to that clean bed she have.

  • Whitehead

    Yiny is funny looking with those LIPS,but birds of a feather flock together

  • tb

    According to SR:

    According to a source close to T.I.’s camp, Tiny may be in danger of losing custody of her oldest child after her latest arrest. The source said the father of her 12-year-old daughter Zonnique is very upset and he is considering taking action to obtain sole custody of his daughter.

    • jerzi

      Her first babyfather is no saint and has had his fair share of run ins with the law. So ummm yeah good luck with trying to get custody. He probably don’t even pay child support!

    • MsRachael

      My first thought when I read the story was, “What about their kids?”
      Drug charges are so serious!

    • Cole Brown

      @ tb

      I don’t believe that; but if he is trying to get custody it’s probably so he could probably hit Tiny up for child support. Like Jerzi said, he’s been in prison before for dealing drugs (from what I’ve heard), so I don’t think he’ll go as far or have the nerve to try and take Zonnique away from Tiny. What can he really do for her that Tiny and Tip can’t do? Take her out of a million dollar home to probably live in the hood? The judge would never go for that because she’d be in a less fortunate situation. And he damn sure (according to accounts) ain’t no better in the morals department. Unless he’s totally changed his life. His case would never fly.

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      He’s a jailbird himself. This is so hood its ridiculous…

    • His Mrs...

      Dude just got done doing ten years not too long ago… He just want his 15 minutes of fame!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    you mean to tell me had they not made that u turn then they would’nt have gotten pulled over in the first place!! this is right off of “cops”. if you are dumb enough to ride around with all that sh@# on you i would think you would at least try and obey all traffic laws. be like the mexican families driving extra slow because they’re afraid of getting pulled over…

  • http://yahoo.com Matinigal

    She need to stay off twitter.

  • d.

    Why she didn’t stuff the tablets in her cooch?

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