Rih Rih Gets Slizzard After Singing Like A Drunk Cat On X-Factor, Courtesy Of _______

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Rihanna sucks face with a skeleton

Nothing like free liquor to make you forget about your short-comings. The only thing more surprising than the fact that Rihanna felt she had something to celebrate after her appearance on X-Factor over the weekend, is who was tricking the liquor off.

Following that trash a$$ rousing rendition of “Only Girl (In The World),” Rihanna headed over to Whiskey Mist in London to celebrate her continued success and awesome pipes.

When she got there, John Elway, yes 50-year-old, retired Broncos quarterback John Elway, dropped $22k on one bottle to impress Red Rhiding Ho.

Why is John Elway poppin’ champagne in London? Where was his wife of 2-years to stop him from dropping good retirement money on drinks for tramps? And where is Matty Poo Kemp?



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