More MiMi And Nicky Naked For UK Ok!

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Mariah Carey pregnant And Naked With Husband Nick Cannon For OK! UK Magazine

Yesterday, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s naked and pregnant UK OK! magazine cover was debuted, and now even more pics have surfaced.

Mariah Carey pregnant And Naked With Husband Nick Cannon For OK! UK Magazine

Uhhhhh….SMH. For those with a strong stomach, peep more pics below:


  • LimeDyme

    Life is the best gift two people can give to the world! I know those twins will be spoiled rotten! I’m very happy for them…… @limedyme

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  • CJPMoore9703

    They deserve happiness. People said they wouldn’t last and now they showing they got real love, I ain’t mad.

  • anon

    Nick is so in love…he got that huge prison tattoo on his back. I’m rooting for them to go the distance.

  • viki

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  • AnaLisa

    I’m happy for them, but these pics would have looked somewhat better 5 months ago.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Maybe that’s what it is.

  • Kryptonite

    Awww…. I am so happy for them and I think the pics are beautiful.

  • clarissa

    Big bloated preggers ain’t cute! It looks ill and the humanbody is like…oh hell this condition is stressful!

  • b-nice

    No more pictures please no more……..LMAO

  • http://bossip nina

    Some/most of these pictures are plain ol’ creepy. Especially the one where she is laying down ! I understand her being super happy. I probably would be too, if I went through what she went through with previously pregnancies, but damn Mariah, I hope you know the people you continue flashing your goods in front of. The twit pict was beautiful and way more than enough. These magazines covers are making me feel violated for you ! Girl put your cooch up, way up !

  • Tee-sha

    There is nothing wrong with these pics whats wrong with a man showing love for his pregnant wife? That”s a real man and on top of that there aren’t to many of them anyway!!!!! so to some of you yes that looks strange to me that”s beautiful love…. Don’t accept nothing less for your’s haters…..

  • uptowngirl

    Why does Nick look like a prop in the pictures?

  • QueenLove

    Somebody needs to give a pacify to that idiot she calls a husband. She’s having another mental breakdown and he is no help.

  • neIcy


  • prissa

    On 2nd thought I like these pics. I’m glad she shared them cuz I was sure wondering what she looks like with her HUGE belly. I NEVER believed she would let the public see her in this state. Kudos to her!

    Sidenote: nick looks like a b!tch on his knees in this pics but I’m happy they are happy! More power 2 him!

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