The Side-Eye: Scottie Pippen Gets His Back-Pedal On, Eases Up On Lebron James, Michael Jordan Comparisons

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Nah bruh, you made your bed, now sleep.

Although Scottie Pippen is widely considered an all-time NBA great, yesterday may have forever changed the way we view him after he irrationally compared Lebron James to Michael Jordan. After sportscasters, writers, bloggers, tweeters, and facebookers let out a collective and unified “WHAT THE Fawk?!?!” Ol’ Scottie took to his Twitter page to attempt to lay a bed of feathers underneath his anvil heavy claim that Bron Bron was the greatest athlete to ever play in the NBA.

As ridiculous as his comment was, it begs the question, does Kobe “Backdoor” Bryant not qualify as MJ’s heir apparent?

No word yet what Jordan thinks about this ex-teammate’s comments but as big an ego as Mike has, we’re pretty sure he ain’t happy…

If we were MJ we’d take this opportunity to throw Scottie right under the bus. He’s always been a li jealous of Mike and this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


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