A “Lil Positivity”: San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis And Business Partner Antone Barnes Are Changing Perceptions, Changing The Game, And Empowering The Black Community

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The Creative Process

Bossip: One of the things we were amazed at as we were looking on YouTube, was Vernon talking about his love for art and painting.

Antoine: Yea, you would be surprised. People think it’s Antoine doing all the design, but no Vernon comes with ideas as well. I pass everything by him and ask him, “What do you think?” He will put his artistic touch to it. I am not going to sit here and lie, I have a great eye for actual art and color but I can’t actually paint. I can’t paint anything. He has that painter’s eye and is like “Let’s do this at this angle, and put this color in there.”

Bossip: He is very hands on.

Antoine: Yes, he is very hands on

Bossip: Sounds like you two have great synergy.

Antoine: Definitely, it has to be there in order to be partners. We don’t agree on everything but most of the time we do. The synergy is a great a feeling. We both have a vision, a lot of designers have a different vision then ours. If you go onto our website you’ll see we design with flare. We want to set trends, not follow them. We want to bring that inner creativity out of our clients that they may be scared to do, because everyone is society want to be followers. No. Let’s be honest here, your home, your business, your car, are the three main entities are some of your most prized possessions. So its something you invest a lot of your hard work, time, everything, money. Why not let it stand out, show your personality, show your spark.

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