Bossip exclusively interviews San Francisco 49ers end Vernon Davis and Antone Barnes about Modern Class Design

A “Lil Positivity”: San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis And Business Partner Antone Barnes Are Changing Perceptions, Changing The Game, And Empowering The Black Community

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The Vernon and Vontae Davis Family Foundation

Bossip: Vernon, what made you and your brother start this charitable foundation?

Vernon: I always wanted to give back to the kids, and I knew just from growing up in my neighborhood that feeling I would get to give back to my neighborhood and see those smiles on those faces. I never had a celebrity come around and show their face. I saw a police man, a fire fighter, or something like that. It would change some of these kids lives, you change lives by doing things like that. We don’t think about it as athletes, some of the things we can do, to make an impact on someone else’s life. To me that is very important, especially where I came from.

Bossip: We see giving back has also taken you overseas. We saw you have been doing some work in Africa.

Vernon: Going to Africa was just a whole other feel. I went with another foundation to Africa, and I had never been there, but I always heard of the problems and some of things that went on. I got a whole new outlook on life from of the things I saw while I was over there. To see how kids try to get their food and what they are willing to do to get food, it makes you think about how good we have it over here in the united states of America. It also touched me in a way that when I came back to the states I could do more, you can always do more.

Bossip: We think what you guys are doing is extraordinary. We looked at the website and after hearing everything that’s going on with the foundation we think there is a very positive energy about it all. Thank you for speaking with us today!

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