YOLO: A Gallery Of People That Hit The Beach And Let It All Hang Out Even If They Aren’t Right And Tight

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the dream

Gallery Of Unfit Celebrities At Beach

Usually when celebrities hit the beach, they usually have immaculate bodies as if they're shooting some candid magazine spreads. But sometimes, people that aren't as tight or desirable as possible hit the sand, anyway. But we're not even hating, while so many people are out there ashamed and rocking t-shirts, these people are letting it all hang out with pride. Salute them for their bravery!
jay Jay-Z - He's always at the beach with his boo and never seems to care who sees him. No need to hit the pull-up bar when you're chopping down Bey Bey.
deena Deena From Jersey Shore - She and Snookie show it all no matter who's around.
barack Barack Obama - No, he's not The Rock but he's fit for his age. But it was ballsy for the president to go and bare all like that.
nicole Nicole Richie - One of those beach breezes is going to send her flying off.
the dream The-Dream - The-Dream aired out his tummy and his dirty laundry with this homewrecker.
alcia Alicia Keys - Not that she looks bad, it's just that it took some big cajones to hit the beach right after having the baby. Good for her.
star Star Jones - *pours acid on eyes*
bey Beyonce - And she went out in full second trimester without a care in the world. Fat suit, nothing.

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