Good Riddance: The Most Hated Celebrity Ex-Wives In The World

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The Most Hated Celebrity Ex-Wives

It seems like we're always sympathetic to wives in break-ups. With so many dirty dogs in the world, how could we not be? But sometimes the ladies can be total B-words. And we absolutely can't stand them for it. Here are some ex-wives that are either absolutely looney or annoying as hell.
iverson wife Tawanna Iverson - Allen rode her through the mud long enough. However, her demands that she get records of everyone he chopped down while they were together. Ugh, just take your divorce money and chill.
khart Torrei Hart - We can't say much bad about Kevin. Especially when his ex-wife allegedly tried to jump on their attorney!
kim k Kim Kardashian - Does she count as an ex-wife if she is an ex-wife from a fake reality tv wedding?
kelis Kelis - She took everything Nas had in the divorce and wanted more. B***h even tried to take his tech off the dresser on her way out. SMH.
tameka Tameka Foster - She was bitter as hell, too. People also probably just hate her because they thought she wasn't cute enough for Ursh.
vanessa Vanessa Bryant - Nobody liked her anyway. And now she's moving the kids all the way to New York out of spite? And more and more people consider her a gold digger? The hate rises.
shaunie Shaunie O'Neal - She not only allegedly cheated on Shaq. But she went on to employ an army of hoes for her Basketball Wives show.
cornelius Viktoria Chapman - Don Cornelius hated his ex-wife. But that didn't stop her from filing his life insurance and raking in big gold-digging bucks.
pilar Pilar Sanders - When the man's own family hates you, it's probably an uphill battle to get liked.

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