Shook Ones: MiMi The Diva Tells Barbara Walters She “Hired Extra Security” After Hearing Gangsta Boo Nicki Threaten To Shoot Her

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Mariah Carey Says She Hired Extra Security To Deal With Nicki Minaj On American Idol

Legendary broadcast journalist Barbara Walters recently hit up her friend Mariah Carey to find out how she really feels about thicky Nicky Minaj going all angry Barbie on her on the American Idol set.

Barbara shared excerpts from her conversation with Mariah this morning on The View, in which she said she feels uncomfortable on set after supposedly hearing Nicki say: “If I had a gun, I would shoot that b****” as she stormed off set following their argument.

Mariah told Barbara:

“I’m concerned after hearing that. You know, I am with my twins. I mean, don’t think that anything would happen but I have hired extra security. I don’t feel emotionally comfortable the set.”

Mariah also told Barbara that Nicki has yet to apologize to her but instead told her “I love you but we might fight again,” to which Mariah replied, “No we won’t.”

Mariah claims numerous people on set, including hair dressers and producers, also heard Nicki’s seemingly idle threat. Barbara ended the segment on The View by extending an invitation for motor-mouth Nicki to come by and tell her side of the story.

We’re thinking Nicki was just blowing smoke with that shooting statement, but Mariah seems to think differently. Do you think she has anything to worry about?

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