Eff A Shove Match: Rappers That Could Actually Whoop Dat AZZ In Real Life

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DMX performing live to promote his new CD 'Undisputed' at Revolution Live Hollywood, Florida

Rappers That Can Actually Fight

A week ago we had quite a big scuffle at the BET awards when Rick Ross and Young Jeezy got into a little altercation backstage. It was mostly ho-hum as they shoved each other and pushed and hugged for a while. Yawn. These two didn't really impress us too much with their snuggle fest. Here are some rappers that could actually whoop dat a$$ if they needed to. And they have a track record to prove it. Let's look at some rappers that could knock you the eff out.
T.I. - he's always been known as a solid boxer in his day. Don't let the the skinny frame oil you.
Jay-Z - Jay has been taking boxing lessons for a decade. He might knock that a$$ out...or stab you.
Ghostface- He once knocked out Mase and had his jaw wired.
Gunplay - He was swinging on that G-Unit crew and came out looking pretty tough.
diddy Diddy - He cracked Steve Stoute over the head with a bottle. Don't test Diddy's gangsta.
Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck evicted from his Tennessee mansion Young Buck - He allegedly stabbed a few guys defending Dr. Dre a while back. Where'd that get him?
Alfamega- He was beating up guys left and right in defense of Tip. Then he got dropped from the team. Where's he loyalty?
The Game - Dude sure likes to fight. Not really becoming of a man that had a butterfly tattoo on his face.

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