We Won’t Judge: Famous Republican Women That Could Get Tha Business

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Stacey Dash Does Karin and Raoul

Hot Female Republicans

You know what's a deal breaker? Finding out some hottie is a Republican. It's so unfortunate when a beautiful woman reveals herself to be on the wrong team. But since we're caring people we can sometimes look past these things to appreciate their beauty. Yes, it's difficult but we'd still give them the bee's wax if we had to. So let's take a look at some Republicans that could still get it.
Sarah Palin Hints At Still Considering Running For 2012 GOP Nomination Sarah Palin
Leean Tweeden
heather locklear Heather Locklear
Heidi Montag at Wet Republic Heidi Montag
Angela McGlowan
Erika Harold
"Clueless" actress Stacey Dash arriving for a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA on March 5, 2012. Stacey Dash

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