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Where’s the beef?

You may remember about two years ago Keyshia released a statement revealing that she’d had to kind of take a break from her family members, specifically her Mom Frankie and sisters Elite and Neffe.

In recent interviews while promoting her upcoming “Family First” reality show along with hubby Daniel Gibson, Keyshia says she’s mended fences with her mom, who is making a go at sobriety, but that while Frankie will appear on some episodes of her new show — Neffe, won’t be on the program because they’re still not on the best of terms.

We spoke to Neffe exclusively about how reality tv helped hurt her relationship with her sister, what life has been like since her BET show ended and why she decided to take a break from Reality TV for two years.

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BOSSIP: How are you doing Neffe? We haven’t seen much from you since your BET show ended. Were you guys not offered another season?

Neffe: I’m blessed. James Dubois and BET offered me a second season but I declined it because I didn’t like the direction the show was going in and how I was being portrayed. I took two years off of reality TV.

BOSSIP: Is that why you didn’t do the show with Keyshia or is it because of other reasons?

You’ll have to watch the show, but ultimately that’s not why I didn’t go to the wedding. But somewhere down the line I will return to reality TV.

BOSSIP: So why didn’t you attend the wedding?

I didn’t go to the wedding because I wasn’t properly invited. I’m just being honest. I love my sister, I love my mom, I love my family but I was not properly invited to the wedding. First of all, they didn’t get married in Hawaii, they got married in Vegas. I wasn’t invited to the actual wedding ceremony in Vegas. I was invited to the wedding/taping in Hawaii and I felt like if I wasn’t invited to the first one, why should I go to a ceremony that you’re taping in Hawaii? I got a phone call two days before the wedding and only myself and my two daughters were invited. My husband and my five children were not invited. I got a phone call two days before it was time to film and I could not just get up and hop on a plane and go to a wedding ceremony. That was craziness to me. If anything I would have preferred to be at the particular time that you actually got married and I didn’t hear about that until it hit the media. I woke up and everybody was calling me like, ‘Oh my God congratulations your sister got married,’ and I’m like huh? Like there was a big question mark over my head.

BOSSIP: Was there a problem before that?

Everybody in the world knows it’s been off and on with myself and Keyshia. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and she loves me. Somewhere down the line we went our separate ways, but while I’ve been focused on trying to rebuild our relationship, she’s been busy rebuilding her career and been focused on her family and when I say her family I mean Daniel and my nephew. She didn’t have time to worry about rebuilding our relationship but we’re not like — it’s not a rivalry or nothing it’s just something a sister goes through. Life.

Is there an actual argument or an issue that was the straw that broke the camels back?

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that she did not like the fact that me and Mom did the “Frankie and Neffe Show” with Manny Hailey without involving her.

Did that contribute to her and Manny parting ways also?

I believe so.

Have you talked to Manny about it? Are you guys still in communication?

The crazy part is I speak to Manny on the regular. He calls and says ‘Hey how ya doing, how’s the family, how’s the kids? I don’t deal with him personally, or on the business level, but he does call and check on the family from time to time.

Do you know if he and Keyshia still speak at all?

There’s no relationship with Keyshia or Manny Hailey.

And you think it’s because you guys did the show?

No I know it’s because we did the show. She’s extremely upset that I trusted Manny Hailey. She thinks we shouldn’t have done the “Frankie and Neffe Show” without her being involved.

From what I’ve gathered she felt we shouldn’t have trusted him. We should have trusted her judgment. This is what I’ve gathered from speaking to my sister and speaking to my mom. Everything went downhill once the “Frankie and Neffe Show” came together. I didn’t know that until just recently when I spent time with Frankie. I just got home three days ago. I went to visit my mom in Santa Monica.

What does your mom think about you and Keyshia not getting along?

My mom just wants us to come together and be sisters like sisters are supposed to be. There’s no rivalry. She has her way of thinking and I have my way. At the time nobody was looking at the big picture, we were just consumed with what was going on.

Is there anything you regret?

I don’t regret anything, the only thing I can say is i love my sister and I want us to be more than what we are now because i know what we were long before this stuff started occurring. That’s my biggest regret outside of anything else I’ve done in this industry. I decided to take off two years from reality TV to regroup and focus on family. I had to focus on Neffe and my children and my husband, we were just recently married February 24.

Did your sister come to your wedding?

I have not had a ceremony, it was just me and my husband and my children. We went to the courthouse and got married and we’ll be having a ceremony soon I just want it to be done right.

So what is the difference between you doing that and Keyshia’s Vegas wedding?

Well people were invited to the Vegas wedding. Mine was very small, intimate, private. It was normal. Most importantly we wanted to be right by God. That was our ultimate goal. We’ll have a ceremony. I just want it to be done right.

Your mom has struggled with substance abuse issues, is she sober now?

Mom lives in Malibu, in a sober living life. She’s gained all that weight. She’s got more junk in the trunk. I had a great time with her while I was there in Santa Monica. She’s doing excellent. I’m proud of her. Very proud of her.

At one point your sister fell out with your sister Elite as well, is she on Keyshia’s show?

They’re on very good terms, I believe she is on the show. We’re all on very good terms. I don’t know what it is between myself and Keyshia. We just can’t agree to disagree, that’s what I believe. I love my sister, there’s no sibling rivalry. Somewhere down the line we’ll figure it out.

It’s been two years since you did that show though.

It’s been three years! Trust me, she’s still holding on to that. I have moved on. I took two years off. Ultimately myself, my husband and my children are coming back to reality TV. I have a new book. We have Kingbeat Productions. There’s so much going on.

You have a follow up to your first book “My Happiness, My Sanity” coming out right?

Yes “The Price I Paid” is based on events and facts and things I went through after reality TV.

Do you regret doing reality TV?

Oh no ma’am. I didn’t write this book for corporate America. I wrote it for the people that need it. The people who lost all hope. The people who are looking for hope. I wrote this book on my own. No ghostwriter. It took me two and a half years. “The Price I Paid” will be available November 9.

The show you’re doing with your husband, is that “Neffe and Solo’s Family Tree”?

Yes it’s “Neffe and Solo’s Family Tree.” I found all of my sisters and brothers and I will be bringing them to the table. My oldest daughter is now 15 and she’s singing, she has all honors classes, my children are growing. Me and my husband have Kingbeat productions which is TV and film, we have a record label Kingbeat Records and I’m excited to show the world. With the other shows I feel like we didn’t get to see the real Neffe. Everybody thinks I’m this ghetto hood, chunk up the deuces type chick, I’m not even close to that. I’m such a cream puff. The TV producers want to see that. When you push somebody against a wall what are they gonna do? Fight. I lost my son, I was going through a lot. I was an angry black woman. But on a day to day basis I’m very inspirational. I’m a cream puff.

Well there you have it. How long do you think she and Keyshia will continue to feud?

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