Rumor Control: Attention Slorin’ Vegas Rapper AP.9 Is Lying About Exploits With Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Bryant; “They Don’t Even Know Who He Is!”

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We’ve been skeptical of this AP.9 character from jump, but now we know he’s lyin’. The rapper responsible for wreaking havoc on Coco and Ice-T’s marriage after photos of him kissing on the voluptuous reality star hit the net may have finally gone too far with his claims after recent reports that he had an affair with a Lakers players wife who showered him with gifts and telling the media that he “Already had Kim Kardashian and all them b*tches.” The rapper also claimed that Kim called him up after the Coco scandal begging not to be exposed.

“Kim has no idea who this guy is,” a source close to both Bryant and Kardashian told BOSSIP. “She’s never even met him. Vanessa either. They don’t even know who he is so how could they have done all this stuff he’s saying? He’s clearly reaching!”

Welp. There you have it folks. We thought this guy was the male Superhead but he’s looking more like the male Kat Stacks right about now.

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