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AP.9 claims Ice-T’s wife bought him an Aston Martin and Kobe’s wife made it rain a mili on his magic stick!

AP9 Claims He Messed With Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Bryant and CoCo

Looks like the male Superhead isn’t done talking yet. Rapper AP.9 has already exposed Ice-T’s wife CoCo and their supposed affair, claiming he smashed her bloated cakes to smithereens raw multiple times.

Now his Publicist / Witness confirms CoCo also bought him a luxury car With Ice’s money, chopped down Kimmy Cakes and also got paid to play with a Kobe’s wife….

Via Ebengregory reports and Reach Around Radio show :

“The pictures are worth a thousand words. If motherf*ckers can’t see through that they’re blind to the world. They’re blind to a lot of sh*t,” The Mob Figaz rapper said, before hinting that he has a big surprise in store. “In a day or two I’m finna shock the world, that’s all you need to know. Stay tuned, I’m gonna shock the world and it is what it is.” AP claims to have nude photos of Coco he took when they were together in Vegas.

And about Ice T, AP had the following to say: “Ice-T don’t won’t no problems with me. I’ll beat his old ass,” he said. “You already know what it is. That n*gga don’t want no problems with me. I hope he listening right now. My n*gga, I will beat the sh*t out of that old a$$ man. I don’t know Ice T. Nothing against Ice T, I don’t know him. He threw his little shots at me on Twitter because of his wife. Come on man… I’m a real gangster. I done took 12 bullets. I done been through the whole sh*t. I’m well respected everywhere. I fear no man but God.”

Oh wait! There is more!

Hit the flip to see what she had to say about Ap.9’s scandalous relationships with Kimmy Cakes and a VERY famous NBA player’s wife. Who’s next… Beyonce???

AP.9 said he an affair with a basketball player’s wife. This basketball player is one of the biggest stars in the world. He dated her and she gave him clothes and money. $30,000 here, $40,000 there, he said almost a million dollars by the end of it. The player plays for my favorite team, and everyone knows that my team is the Lakers. He has shown us photos and she was azzed out like CoCo.

Before the interview ended, AP dropped another bombshell after he was asked about the Kardashians. “I done already had Kim Kardashian and all them b*tches. That ain’t nothing new. That b*tch is old news. People that know me know I’ve already had that b*tch,” he said.

After the CoCo incident came out, Kim called and begged AP.9 not to expose her because it would mess up her image.

When will this guy STFU?!!??

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