Bad Notes: 9 Songs These Artists Made That Almost Ruined Their Careers

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9 Songs That Ruined Careers

All it takes is one bad song to ruin a career's worth of good deeds. It's a shame because some great careers have almost ended based on unfortunate decisions to make really crappy music. That's why musicians have to be so careful because the wrong move can end it all. Don't believe us? Just take a look at these musicians who made songs that almost made us send them to timeout.
Brian McKnight Show Me How Brian McKnight - Remember his "Show You" song about squirting and weird things that made us uncomfortable? What was that?
LL-COOL-J-BRAD-PAISLEY (1) LL Cool J - Yeah, this may have actually ended it for James Todd.
raycivil Ray J - Actually, the "I Hit It First" song is probably the end for him.
rick-ross-finger-gun1-585x397 Rick Ross - So Ross lost all his endorsements due to this U.O.E.A.B.C.Y.M.C.A. song and his lyrics about women. Damn, dude.
nashennythumb Nas - When he did "Hate Me Now" and dressed himself as Jesus, he was banned from almost every TV station there was. It almost ruined him.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - He made "A$$ Like That" mimicking Triumph the Comic Dog...yeah it was clear he was on some serious drugs.
sean-puffy-diddy-is-gay Diddy - Back in the day, Diddy was floundering and he made "P.E. 2000" and everyone was ready to count him out. Good to see he bounced back.
jay-z-courtside Jay-Z - Back when he was getting started, Jay tried to make his song with Blackstreet a lead single. It sucked and people wrote him off as being able to be a star.
mc-hammer-16x9 MC Hammer - Four words. Pumps. And. A. Bump.

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