Are You Feeling This Get Up? Keyshia Cole Busts It Wide Open In Leather Booty Shorts And Leggings During Concert Performance

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Keyshia Cole Performs In Leather Shorts And White Leggings

Soul-singin’ R&B songstress Keyshia Cole has never been one to conform to current style trends or follow the fashionista crowd, so it’s no surprise to see her still staying true to her thug-misses street style after almost a decade in the game.

The blonde-haired basketball wifey seems to have finally gotten enough of her angry bird antics and is getting back to her music, most recently performing overseas in Paris at the Oylmpia while rocking this black and white biker chick outfit.


Are you feeling this get up? More from Ms. Cole and her leather-clad cakes on the flip….

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