Don’t Do It, Reconsider: 11 Celebs Who Attempted Suicide

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Celebs have everything most people dream of—disposable wealth, good credit and power—but many of them are miserable, depressed and struggling with inner-demons fueled by fame. It’s true that you never really know what people are going through, especially those with ALL eyes on their every movement.

Here are eleven celebs who attempted suicide. Take a look.

Paris Jackson

The King of Pop’s precocious daughter allegedly cut her arm with a meat cleaver after leaving a suicide note and is recovering at an LA hospital. Still devastated by her iconic father’s death, we
hope that she someday finds peace.

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Before Mother O was a mega-successful zillionaire/Godly white woman whisperer, she was a deeply-broken abuse victim who once drank bleach while pregnant at 14.

Terrell Owens

The dead broke ex-NFL star was caught up in a bizarre suicide saga in ’06 that started with a finger injury and ended with various reports of him attempting to overdose on prescription painkillers. Naturally, T.O. denied these reports but most folks believed them.

Halle Berry

The beautiful crazy person nearly poisoned herself with carbon monoxide after her marriage with stone-cold dirtbag David Justice fell apart. In the aftermath of her lowest moment, she vowed to never date Black men get married again and the rest is history.


Slim Shady famously rapped about murdering his trashy wife who left him and took their daughter with her. With his personal life in shambles, he attempted to overdose off Tylenol and barely survived.

Vince Young

The disgraced NFL baller (who notoriously blew over $60 million during his career) fled from his home with a gun after mentioning suicide to his team’s therapist. Unable to contact him for hours, the Titans called the cops who searched for the “missing” QB and eventually found him alive, “eating chicken wings.”

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    Tasia Mae (reportedly) overdosed on aspirin and sleeping pills after feeling overwhelmed by her sidechick problems and media obsession with her affair. Many believed Antwaun fueled these inner-demons but she later cited her home foreclosure, throat tumor and business as the main reasons for the suicide attempt.

    Britney Spears

    The Pop superstar’s failed marriage to a Z-list celebrity, custody battle loss and downward spiral into irrelevancy lead to multiple suicide attempts while in rehab.

    Ken Griffey, Jr.

    The legendary slugger with the prettiest swing ever had an ugly moment early in his career when he ingested over 200 aspirin to escape fan insults and arguments with his father. He later recovered in ICU and had a Hall of Fame career.

    Frank Sinatra

    Sinatra was the most adored entertainer of his time who battled depression and bipolar disorder throughout his illustrious career. By the end of ’53, he had attempted suicide twice over women. Love hurts.


    The promising R&B crooner failed to throw himself out of a hotel window at the height of his music career. He did, however, gouge out his own eye shortly after and hasn’t been seen since.

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