Love & Hip Hop: Peter Gunz Admits His Dirty Dog Storyline Is A Fraudy Fake “Use Common Sense People!”

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Newsflash: Reality TV isn’t real

Peter Gunz Admits Love & Hip Hop Storyline Is Fake

LHHNYC star Peter Gunz recently sat down for an interview on Sway in the Morning where he exposed his ain’t isht ways because he was broke and needed the VH1 paycheck:

“Sh*t was gonna blow up anyway. I was going to get busted. Why not get paid to get busted.”

“I’m fu**ed up out here. Last time I went to the ATM, that sh*t told me to get the f**k outta here. I had one hit… when they called me about the show, I was 3 months behind the rent… I just gave yall what was really going on.”

“I was gonna get busted anyway…Let me get paid to get busted. F— it.”

Well it looks like Peter isn’t done airing out the reality show and fake storyline:


So what exactly is fake? Is Peter really married to his #SideWife Amina? Have him and Tara really been together for 10+ years? Are his feet really that damn dirty? Hit the flip to peep what else Peter had to say to his fans about the show next!

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