Super Sized Sausage: A List Of U.S. Cities Where Men Have The Biggest Schlongs

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pfeat your state the land of the long johnson or home of the struggle sausage?

Condom Company Ranks Average Peen Size By U.S. City

Did you know that there was a map floating around that ranks the average schlong size by U.S. city? Well thanks to good folks over at Condomainia, it does indeed exist. And we've got the top 10 for you right here. Take a look ladies.....and then you might want to start packing your suitcase when you're done.
P1 10. St. Louis
p222 9. Chicago
P3 8. San Francisco
P4 7. Atlanta
P5 6. Portland
P6 5. Phoenix
P7 4. New York City
p8 3. San Diego
p9 2. Washington, D.C.
p10 1. New Orleans Welp. Maybe this explains why so many women have allowed Weezy to spread his seed all over the world. You can check out the entire list HERE.

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