Grow Up: Celebrities Who Are Too Damn Old To Act Like They Do

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Singer RKelly Performs At Rehab

Celebrities Who Should Act Their Age

You ever hear the phrase "act your age and not your shoe size?" That probably applies to these people who act like damn kids even though they're supposed to be grown as hell. Take a look and hope they get it together.
dwight-howard Dwight Howard - He's a big a$$ baby who doesn't even understand that knocking some chick up isn't the best way to go about things.
shaq-in-2008 Shaquille O'Neal - He's just like Dwight...but a bit funnier so it's not as bad.
vibe-vixen-lil-wayne-and-toya-wright Lil Wayne - He still tweets things like "kikk dey azz"...what?
Singer RKelly Performs At Rehab R. Kelly - We know you like kids...but don't dress like one, though.
nick cannon Nick Cannon - You still doing dance videos? C'mon, man.
Plies-002 Plies - Did you know he's damn near 40?
kris jenner bikini Kris Jenner - She needs to sit down somewhere and be old.
juvenile-2-chainz 2 Chainz - He's also damn near 40. SMH.
birdmanlilwaynebirdman_26_wayne_stuntin271 Birdman - He's someone's grandfather's age but he's getting star tats on his head?

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