The Incredible Deflating Jackson

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Who would have thought that a kid named “Blanket” would cause serious damage to someone’s face. It’s reported that the 5 year-old son of Michael Jackson smacked his father in the face causing his upper lip to burst. Jacko ran to his plastic surgeon for emergency surgery causing the freak show above.

Imagine if Blanket grew up with the original Jackson clan. Joe would never lay a hand on a kid with a punch like that.



  • nasir jones

    suicide watch

  • jojo

    Someone please put this man, or whatever it is out of it’s misey.

  • Karma

    Earl….lol, that was funny! Here’s one for you…


    Jokee: No,what!?

    Joker: HE DIED

    Jokee: He died? How?


    Jokee: (dies laughing)

  • Karma

    Okay… I forgot my post…because of Earl.

    Now how in Sam Hell can a lip be busted so badly that you get plastic surgery right away?? Shouldn’t stitches be the result of that?

  • NubianGoddez

    That freak needs to stay indoors, he’s become a side show freak and scares small children.

  • Moi

    He needs to stop blaming his angst on little children. I’m tired of the excuses Mike. Be a man(I’m sure even sprinkled balls qualifies him as the male species) and take responsibility.


  • jen

    He reminds me of the guy in the HOUSE OF WAX? How strong is his son or how weak is his face? That is sad. He better not EVER get in a real fight with a real man cause he would just be faceless.

  • jen

    But lets remember he is also aproducat of What Stokes did to the B2K members some of us just don’t recover as well.

  • Dalia

    Yow know, it’s a damn shame when somebody hits you in your lips and the damn things fall off.

    Then again, maybe Blanket refused to let Michael “play” with him!

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Those children Michael Jackson is calling his aren’t…

    Like Katt Williams said:

    F#ck Michael Jackson… Yeah, I said it… That mother f#cker is trying to insult my intelligence by trying to tell me that those are his kids… Those kids are white – they got blue eyes and blond hair… When you stick a black d@ck in a white pu$$y your kids come out mixed/biracial…

    **Paraphrased from his DVD — Pimp Chronicles 1

    Katt Williams got a good point, because them kids didn’t get that trademark Jackson big a$$ water faucet nose (breathin’ up all the white man’s air)…

    Ok, Ok… They could of gotten the nose and other features from their mother but blue eyes, blond hair and fair complexion… I’d consider it if Michael was light skinned to begin with…

    *And then he got 2 kids that look white – did ya’ll see that special that was on TV…

    Yeah, MJ is trying to insult are intelligence with this one…

  • halle's breasts

    Sweet vengeance.

  • Denebolo

    If Blanket did this then it might be true about the old saying “the sins of the father (Joe Jackson) gets revisited by the son (Blanket).” LMAO

  • cutie pie

    wow he looks like bobo the chimp..can someone mentally evaluate this man please

  • Nonya

    Ok, this picture still makes me itch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wonkwonk

    bleach his dna, lol. look, you see how light latoya was even before she started changing her face and features, not to mention his mother and light eyed father. clearly, his dna has quite a bit of milk and sugar in it anyway and it could well have become dominant in his offspring with a pure white woman.

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