A “Lil Positivity”: The World’s Top 10 Most Giving Countries (Where Does The U.S. Rank??)

The World's Ten Most Charitable Countries

For the second year in a row, London-based Charities Aid Foundation has released a list of the most (and least) charitable countries in the world. Continue »

#HumbleBrag: Celebrities That Talk About Their Weird Body Insecurities

keri hilson

Celebs work incredibly hard on their bodies. But even though they’re blessed, they still have insecurities. Continue »

It’s A Celebration!!! Today OFFICIALLY Marks The End Of The War In Iraq

US Officially Ends War In Iraq On December 15

We’re celebrating today, not because we “won a war,” but because so many families are about to be reunited. Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Gucci Mane Says He Is Never Ever Ever Going Back To His Home Away From Home

Gucci Mane Released From Prison, Says Third Stint In Jail Was His Last

You know… some statements just set people up for failure. Continue »

Overcoming The Odds: The Most Famous Celebrities That Have Been Adopted

jamie fox

A little heartwarming goodness to get you in the Christmas spirit. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Google Is Donating $11.5 M To Fight Modern Day Slavery

Slavery is still alive and well in this day and age, and Google is breaking a little bread to try to stop it: Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Oprah Takes A Trip To Haiti To Talk To Sean Penn About How Things Haven’t Really Changed

Oprah Winfrey Visits J/P HRO Tent Camp With Sean Penn In Petion-Ville Haiti

Here is Oprah Winfrey getting a tour of the “temporary” tent camp Sean Penn‘s organization J/P HRO has been running in Petion-Ville, Haiti since January 2010. Continue »

#Winning Pt. 2: Women With Impressive Chop Down Resumes Of Their Own

gabrielle union

We highlighted some guys with some high quality ladies in their resumes. But what about the ladies? Continue »


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