School Daze Pt. Two: 9 Black Celebs (And One Swirly Star) Who Got Their Ivy League On

Harvard Obama

Now that y’all have scoped the Black Ivy steez that is being promoted via the “black dandy” style movement, we figured why not follow up on our Black stars who went to college post by introducing you to some actual former Black Ivy League students who just happen to be celebrities? Continue »

A Lil’ Positivity: Frankie Finally Got Her Life Together And Keyshia Cole Is Loving It

Keyshia Cole and her biological mother Frankie

Keyshia Cole has been having an all out love fest on Twitter with her troubled biological Frankie. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity” Homeless Man Helps Save A Woman After A Violent Car Crash

Some of us with everything wouldn’t have stopped to help an accident that looks like this… Continue »

Exclusive: Nappy Roots Talk New Album, Being Sex Symbols And Find Out Who Wants To Eat Taraji P. Henson’s Tacos

Nappy Roots is back on the scene with a new independent album produced entirely by the legendary Atlanta production trio, Organized Noize. Continue »

In White Folks Baby News: Hilary Duff Has A Future Disney Star Bun In The Oven

mike comrie duff

It seems like just yesterday Hilary Duff was a tiny tot at Disney. Continue »

5 Celebrities Who Got Their Life After Hitting Rock Bottom

In Hollyweird, the bigger you are the harder you fall. And most times, once someone falls they don’t get back up again, much less achieve new-found fame. Fortunately, that’s not the case for these celebs who became major successes, then fell into some ridculousness, and then somehow, as Tamar Braxton would say, got their life and found themselves right back on top again.

Samuel L. Jackson The Premiere of 'Django Unchained' held at the Ziegfeld Theatre

Samuel L.Jackson

When Samuel was playing that addict in “Jungle Fever” he wasn’t exactly portraying an unfamiliar role. Right before landing the part, Samuel had just completed treatment at a New York rehab facility after overdosing on heroine several times and developing a coke habit. Today, all of that is behind him as he’s currently the highest-grossing actor of all time.

Coming To A Cable Box Near You: We Have More Ideas For Networks That Should Get Started

diddy network

Word on the block is Tyler Perry might get his own network, so yay for him. But we have ideas for other networks we’d like to see on our television sets. Continue »

A Lil Positivity: Comcast Offers $10 Service To Students On Free Lunch


Well, it looks like Comcast is a big group of angels after all. Continue »

Will You Be Watching? Tyler Perry Might Be Getting His Own Network


It looks like Oprah won’t be the only one with her own network. Continue »

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