Ratch-Aerobics: Draya Michele Says The Secret To A Bangin’ Bawwwdy Is “Having Lots Of Sex On Your Back”

Bustin’ it open to burn calories? Draya says yes. Continue »

Pure Comedy: Rapper Cassidy’s Hilarious Safe Sex Psy Remix “Condom Style” [Video]


Da Hustla delivers a real message that will have you CTFU Continue »

What Real Beautiful Brazilian Black Women Look Like: Meet Raquel Villar, Nanda Lisboa, Fabiana Claudino, Aline Prado, And More [Video]

After those Bumbum contest you wouldn’t have thought that Brazil has a bigger Black population than America, huh? Continue »

Can Basketball Wives Act? Gloria Govan in “Clean Ops The Chronicles Of V, Ep.2: Do Unto Others” [Video]

Gloria Govan keeps on kicking… Continue »


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