*Exclusive* Rich Dollaz Of LHHNY Talks Superhead Dating Rumors & Hints That Erica Being Gay Is For New Book Publicity [Video]

Rich Dollaz of Love And Hip Hop New York talks Superhead and about his “mess of a life” with the Erica and women.

*Exclusive*: Amina Of LHHNY Says She “Didn’t Know Peter Had A Family… I’m Just A Good European Girl” [Video]

Amina says “she’s just a sweet girl from Europe” while at the NYC Premiere Party…

The New Atlanta: Africa Vs Alex For Man Banger “Vawn” Who Scraps With White Dude Over Mic! [Video]

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Love & Hip Hop NY Episode 1: Best Moments, What You Didn’t See, And Full Debut With Peter Gunz… Cheatin’! [Video]

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Watch A Man Catch His Wife Cheating And Drive His Truck Right Through The House [Video]

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Once They Go Black… They Let The Bodyguard Chop: Seal Spotted Kissing Heidi Klum [Video]

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Re-Cuffing Season: Man Begs Wife To Forgive His Dirty Dog Ways On FB – Says She’ll Take Him Back After 10,000 Likes


Looks like that new Drake album is already getting exes in their feelings! Continue »