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Wife Caught Cheating With Lover By Husband Uber Driver

Can’t be out here creepin’ on your significant other, social media and technology will get you caught up when you least expect it.

According to MetroUK, a Colombian wife, Yeimy, was meeting up with her undercover lover, Jesus Barrios and the clandestine couple decided they would take their low-key love to a hotel room.

Yeimy and Jesus pull up an Uber and even took the precaution of checking to make sure that they didn’t know the Uber driver. Upon confirmation, they awaited their ride, hand-in-hand.

When the driver arrived, Yeimy and Jesus got the shock of a lifetime. Yeimy’s husband, Leonardo, was the driver. Ol’ Leo had been secretly borrowing his friend’s car to driver Uber and make a couple extra dollars.

Surprise, bish!

There is some ambiguity about what happened next, some version of this story say Yeimy and Jesus escaped the car and fled the scene. Another says that Leonardo and Jesus caught a fade. One is much more likely than the other, but we digress.

Moral of the story, be faithful, or break up and f**k whoever you want.



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