What Is Wrong With This Picture???

antonio garay

Absolutely nothing, if you are San Diego Chargers’ nose tackle Antonio Garay, who embraces being different by rocking multi-colored hair steezles and rollin’ in a Hello Kitty Smart Car! Continue »

Race Matters: According To The Census There Are Less White People In At Least 15 States

Census Bureau Reports A Decline In White Population In Atlanta

What a day when the tables will turn… Continue »

Suspect Side Eye News Of The Day: Ex Assistant Reveals Twitter DM’s Between Zesty Male Singer And Breezy

Chris Brown songwriter Martyn

We don’t really buy this, but it’s such pure comedy we had to share it with you. Continue »

Recession Is Real: The Top Ten “First World” Countries Whose Governments Can’t Pay Their Bills

Most of us never imagined we would live in a time where so many countries would be on the verge of going broke or not being able to pay their bills. Continue »

SMH: The Obama Administration Is Still Fighting To Make Healthcare Available For All

Obama Administration Takes Fight For Health Care Reform To The Supreme Court

When the general public received warnings about how long it would take for “Obama-Care” to kick in, we had no idea it would be because so many people would be against the idea Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: Reebok Has To Pay Out $20 Mil Because Those “Butt Toning” Sneakers Don’t Really Work As Advertised

Reebok Settles "Easy Tone" Class Action Law Suit

We don’t know what has us more flabbergasted: that those toning Reebok sneakers don’t really work, that someone actually thought it would work without being used to work out Continue »

This “Sparkle” Remake Is Looking Better And Better: Meet Jordin Sparks’ On Camera Sisters

Jordin Sparks Tika Sumpter And Carmen Ejogo At Rehearsals For "Sparkle" Remake

Fellas, see how they trick you into watching a “chick flick”? Continue »


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