He’s A Freak!: Eliot Spitzer Escort Says “He Choked Me Out During Sex… And The More Struggle The Better!” [Video]

No wonder he retired early… he knew this was coming!

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Womanizer Simon Cowell Spends Christmas In Barbados With One Of His Baby Mamas [Video]

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Elise Neal And Bresha Webb On Bethenny Both Say “We Will Stay With A Bad Man For Good Sex” [Video]

This is proof our values are in the crapper. Everyday this place is looking more and more like Sodom & Gomorrah…
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Jumpoff Rumor Control: Saigon Says He & Erica Jean Were Nekkid Every Time They Met Before Filming LHHNY! [Video]

Ouch! Saigon tells the real about Erica Jean and their previous relationship.

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