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Worst Insults For Beyonce

Beyonce isn’t new to slander. She’s a world class shade-thrower but she’s also had to deal with her own negativity. As she’s shown off her body, she’s been called everything from a ho to an insecure slore. Is it fair? Or is she just getting shamed for liking her body?

You tell us…as you look at the times she got called a ho [and a couple of instances of her getting even WORSE slander than that. ]

Cam’Ron – Back when he was beefing with Jay-Z, he made allusions to chopping down Bey and people thinking she was a little fast.

Bill O’Reilly – He just said he thought Bey was to much of a floozy for her kid fans.

British Newspaper – Though they were quoting angry fans, they knew what they were doing with that headline.

Jennifer Hudson – She said she didn’t need to do all that flaunting her body like Bey, which was some passive aggressive shade.

Garcelle Beauvais – She also thought Beyonce was taking her body image too far…but she eventually backed down from the comment.

Super Bowl Parents – The FCC fielded thousands of complaints from parents who called Bey a “slore” and “prostitute” based on her Super Bowl performance last year.

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Chaka Khan – She was accused of throwing epic shade at Bey when someone compared the two and she allegedly even threw out the not-so-nice B-word. But she denied it.

Etta James – She didn’t call B a ho but she definitely said she was going to “whoop” her for “stealing” “At Last.”

Lil Wayne – He rapped that he’d kidnap Beyonce…which is probably worse than calling her any sort of slore, we think.


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