V. Stiviano Swears She Never Sexed Up Old Man Sterling, Gets Gully With Reporter [Video]

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V. Stiviano’s Pimp & Donald Sterling’s Ho-Supplier “Maseratimet” Pisses Off Don Lemon Before Saying Straight Up “I Took No Money For My Recorded Tapes”

SMH @ Maseratimet calling Donald racist and saying V. Stiviano baited him. We can’t tell what side hes on.
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What A Dummy Looks Like: Virginia Pimp Claims Innocence While Dry-Snitching On Himself! [Video]

Well, he’s up crap creek anyway…

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V. Stiviano’s All Bi-Racial Castmates-Friends From Reality Show Say “She Doesn’t Even Like Black Women Herself” [Video]

Well, it’s no secret she’s an attention slore, but besides all that… the one in the interview second from the right… IS BANGIN!!!

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Sundy Carter Of Basketball Wives On Breakfast Club: Says She’s “Been Called A Ho Her Whole Life” [Video]

Why’d they let Sundy go on The Breakfast Club? They beat reality stars up for a living!

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