Put The Kush Down: Man Tries To Rob “Mary Jane” Dispensary And Falls Through The Roof, Trapping Himself Inside


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Kush Chronicles: SCUBA Diver Popped Trying To Smuggle $40,000 Of Mary Jane From Canada To Michigan!


Swimming that good across the border?? That’s a new one… Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Piff-Puffin’ Illinois Becomes The 20th State To Legalize Medical Mary Jane!

Cali Kush shop

Roll that isht, light that isht, smoke that isht! Continue »

Paula Patton Looks A Lil High In This Interview Talking Trayvon Martin And New Movies [Video]

We love us some Paula Patton, so we are just kidding about the high part… sort of.

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The Most Potent Dank: What Do You Know About Butane Hash Oil?! [Video]

“Some” people have been smoking butane hasH oil for years. This stuff puts dank on the back-shelf.
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