Ladies, Would You Hit It?

Morgan Freeman Dines At Madeo

Why Morgan still got the glove on like he just left the crime scene though? Continue »

I Ain’t The One: Magic Johnson Claps Back At Donald Sterling For Disrespectful Comments About His Failure To Help Black People [Video]

Magic Johnson Donald Sterling

Guess we gotta call the NAACP in L.A. to find out what Donald has done for black people… Continue »

Watch Graphic Video With Caution: Police On Hunt For Assailant Seen In Video Of 68-Year Old Man Beaten And Stomped To Death On Manhattan Streets [Video]

Police are seeking a suspect in the fatal beating of a 68-year-old man in Manhattan’s East Village Friday night. Police say Ruan Wen Hui was walking in the neighborhood when a man attacked him, punching and kicking him in the head. (May 12)


Old Head’s Still Gangster!: 77-Year-Old Thug Robs Bank! [Video]

SMH @ This old timer….

Continue »


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