Hero Police Officer And Full Time Pimp-Dope Dealer-Rapist Awaiting Sentence After Forcing 2 Girls To Do Dope And Have Sex [Video]

This guy went from hero of the town hugging and sitting next to the first lady Michelle Obama… to Continue »

Hate Crimes: 50 People Witnessed Gay Man Beaten Senseless On Subway Platform As Attacker Ranted, “I F***ing Hate F***ots” [Video]

This is crazy. Dude literally had his face broken in. Continue »

Who Taught These Old Cops How To Two-Step At The Mardi Gras? [Video]

Get it in old fellas!

Continue »

Brutality: Pig Oklahoma Troopers Accused Of Beating Deaf Man [Video]

A disgrace to the badge… Continue »

Catch Fade… Then Catch This Shot!: Watch Firefighter Be Shot And Killed After Beating Police Officer! [Video]


Continue »


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