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She chopped her hubby’s chubby — twice!

A Chinese woman is facing serious charges after attacking her husband’s private parts on two occasions.

The couple who hail from Anhui Province first made headlines this June after the man, Han Mou asked his wife Zhang for a divorce, according to Suspicious that her husband must be having an affair, Zhang secretly drugged her spouse with sleeping pills and while he was unconscious cut off his genitals with scissors and flushed them down the toilet so they could not be reattached.

According to reports on People.cnHan Zhang was arrested after the original attack on June 7th, but was released on bail June 14th. While recovering in the hospital Han Mou continued to pledge his love for his wife, however her jealousy remained a serious problem for him.

Despite the attack, the pair continued to live together with their two sons (ages 9 years-old and 9 months-old) while Zhang awaited trial. However, fearing that his wife might be convicted, Han Mou continued to seek a new partner to care for his children in case Zhang was convicted.

As you can probably imagine, Zhang didn’t take to this idea well and decided to leave her husband completely impotent to prevent the chances of him finding a replacement. On September 24th it’s alleged that Zhang crushed up seven sleeping pills and put the powder in a carton of milk. The next morning Han Mou drank the milk and fell asleep. When he awoke, he was screaming and in a state of great pain. Zhang called an ambulance and the police to turn herself in. She is accused of using scissors to nip off what remained of her husband’s genitals.

We can’t imagine how he managed to forgive and trust her enough after the first time. Would you?


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