Hi Haters!: Nicki Minaj “I’ve Never Had Surgery On My Face” [Video]

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Elsewhere In The World: Black Teens In South Africa Opting To Get Plastic Surgery To Create “Smaller Breasts And Smaller Butts”


While folks are having strange addictions to black market silicone butt injections in America, folks in South Africa are doing the complete opposite… Continue »

Fish Faced Woman Gets “Chinplants” To Look Better Online [Video]

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The Best Of My Strange Addiction: Implants, Bleach Baths, And Having Relations With Inflatable Animals! [Video]

my strange addiction2

My Strange Addiction lets you see some of the weirdest mess out in the world today. Turn the pages and see for yourself…

Top 10 Most Watched Ratchet Videos Of 2012 [Video]

lil wayne kissing stevie j copy

From hoodrats scrapping all the way to booty implants busted… Continue »

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