Who’s Knifed Up?! Tammy Rivera Says Her Yummy Yams Aren’t Artificially Enhanced

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Hi haters!

Tammy Rivera Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Tammy Rivera is once and for all shutting down rumors that her copious cakes are artificially enhanced.

Mrs. Malphurs who’s known for thirst trapping with her hourglass figure, recently shut down a fan who commented on one of her Flat Tummy Tea ads.

According to the fan, Tammy was falsely advertising because she’s secretly knifed up.

“It’s beyond obvious that she’s had a LOT of fat transfer done to make her body the shape it is and her stomach as tiny as it is,” said @O_Her on Instagram.
Tammy quickly clapped back however and said that it’s completely untrue.

“Y’all want me to have a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) so bad, I never had a BBL. My a** and hips are completely real! […] That’s natural babe!”

#TammyRivera vs. a new fan 🙃 #clapbackseason

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Leave her alone guiiiise, that bangin’ baaaawdy is all real.


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Riiight Tammy?

Focu$ || #tammyrivera #dhairboutique #knicmac #donthejunkman #alexjhudsonphoto #lhhpatl

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More of non-knifed up Tammy on the flip.

These @fashionnova jeans hug me in all the right places😍

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I said I wouldn't change but shit it changed me… 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Thank you BET #BETAwards x #BETInstacarpet

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