Mitt Romney Accidentally Confronts A Gay War Veteran And Pure Comedy Ensues! [Video]

This is a throwback video. Also, this video is dedicated to the readers who feel… Continue »

Whatchu Talkin’ About Willis!?!? Congresswoman Tells “Colbert Report” Blacks In Brooklyn Were Still Enslaved By The Dutch In 1898!

Yvette Clarke

SMH… No this chick did not just say she’s pretty sure slavery was still poppin’ in BK in 1898! Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Slizzard Miami Man Gets His Groove On Behind News Reporter On Live TV!

This dude is cuttin’ it up with his brown bag in tow. Continue »

It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Goes To Jail: A Gallery Of Labor Day Mugshots

They’ve got a special place for people the have too much fun… Continue »


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