For The Stans: Mommy Banger BeyBey Celebrates 60 Pound Weight Loss By Getting “Chocolate Wasted”

Beyonce thighs

Beyoncé Tells Fans She’s Getting Chocolate Wasted After Eating Lettuce To Lose 60 Lbs

Be careful BeyBey, you know that stuff goes right to your Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture?? Scott Disick Is Nuts About Rob Kardashian’s Krotch!

Kim Kardashian posts a twitpic of Scott Disick sleeping on Rob Kardashian's crotch

Uhhh fellas, do you guys have something you want to tell us?? Continue »

Diddy Promises To Make It Rain In Miami, But Will His Baby Mamas Let Him Drop Them Dollas???

Sean Combs aka Diddy appears on TBS's 'Lopez Tonight' where he talks about acting and being funny as well as to promote his new group 'Diddy Dirty Money'.

Diddy had a lot going on Thursday — between Heavy D’s birthday, his son Justin’s high school graduation and a plot to give away $2 million dollars. Continue »

Hi Hater! GOP Plans Attack Ads Aganist Barack Obama Calling Him A “Metrosexual, Black Abe Lincoln”

What exactly is a Metrosexual black Abe Lincoln? “Four Score and Seven issues of GQ ago…” Continue »


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