Ebony And Ivory: Richard Sherman And Erin Andrews Pose For Cozy Post-Interview Photo

Richard and Erin

Erin sure doesn’t look scared to us… Continue »

Columnist Blasts Racist Reactions Sherman Rant: “Loud And Screaming Black Men Are Not Thugs By Default” [Video]

clinton yates richard sherman

Black Columnist To America: Loud Screaming Black Men Are Not Thugs By Default

The Thug Cycle and Plantation Politics???

Via Mediaite:

Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates ripped into America’s reaction to a fiery postgame interview with Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman on Monday’s The Lead with Jake Tapper. Yates said that the reaction to Sherman’s interview was racially insensitive and an example of how “plantation politics” continues to characterize American life even in subtle and unconscious ways.

Tapper asked Yates to weigh in on the social media reaction to Sherman’s speech, much of which was characterized by users hurling racist insults at the NFL player. “America, loud, screaming black men are not, by default, dangerous or thugs,” Yates said directly into CNN’s cameras. “These sort of plantation politics that people allow to move into their mindset about everything permeates way too much of society,” Yates added. “I really don’t appreciate it and I think it’s something that people need to understand why they feel that way.”

“It’s not just because they happen to be racist, but it’s because this is the way America works,” he concluded.

He also explained that dreads don’t equal thuggery….

Via CNN:

“You’re not a thug just because you have dreadlocks, or just because you were loud and there was somebody was standing there who doesn’t know what is going to happen next,” said Yates.

Do you agree???

Check the video below and discuss…

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