Pro-Trump group runs ad telling Blacks that Democrats will lynch them

Generally Offensive Party: Pro-Trump Radio Ad Tells African-Americans To Vote GOP “White Democrats Will Lynch Blacks”

- By Bossip Staff

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Radio Ad Tells Black People That Democrats Will Lynch Them

The Republicans must be shook of the reported “blue wave” that’s coming to wash them out in the upcoming midterm election on Tuesday, November 6.

According to the Washington Post, a pro-Trump group in Arkansas has taken out the following radio ad in an attempt to get Black people to support the conservative agenda.

The gag is, the group who purchased air time of this ad is called Black Americans for the President’s Agenda. That’s right, Black people who love Donald Trump want us to support him by stoking fear that Democrats will string us up to trees. Oh. The. Irony.

How scared, and stupid, must Republicans be if they think that we’ll run into THEIR arms because the other side is a bunch of violent racists? As if they don’t want us under a boot too. SMH.

For the love of God, go vote on November 6. Seriously.

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