Is It Really That Serious?! Vancouver Fans Riot And Tear Sh*T Up Because Their Hockey Team Lost The Stanley Cup!

vancouver riot

In case you were busy doing something more fun like watching paint dry, then you missed the final game of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals. The Vancouver Canucks lost and the fans totally lost its collective sh*t. Continue »

Get Well… AJ Jewell’s Daughter Asheley Remains In Critical Condition As Family Plans Vigil

Asheley Jewell

Asheley Jewell, the daughter of Kandi Burruss’s late ex-fiance Continue »

Let’s Leave The Devil Signs Alone, ‘Kay?

Some folks got mad when we challenged Weezy and Drake last week for throwing up gang signs, so we did a little more digging and discovered a video that breaks down all the hand signals. This ish is scary… Even Nickelodeon and The Black Eyed Peas??? Continue

Some Morning Handsome… With A Side Order Of Suspect Swag

Lance Gross gave Spring Breakers a treat this weekend by partying at Dream Nightclub on South Beach. Pop the hood for some more pictures of handsome… along with a few of Ne-Yo serving up his suspect swag!
Continue »

Drake Stays Reppin His Set… Can Somebody Please Tell Us Why Rich Azz Rappers Are Throwin’ Up Signs???

We were looking through our copy of the GQ issue that featured Drake and wondered if you guys could tell us why he’s throwing up signs and shizz??? Pop the hood for more Weezy and Drake! Continue »

Poor Thang

This lil fella right here is a member of the British boy band “JLS.” He was seen departing a Brit awards afterparty last night rocking this suspect as* attire.

We know he’s a little British dude, but geeze!! From the hat, to the waxed chest-baring blouse, to the little ice skater’s jacket, to the wack peace sign…SMH.

Ladies, would you let this character soak up those drawls???

Pop it for more… Continue »

White Folks Have Killed The Peace Sign and Keep Killin’ It, Over and Over

We came across a picture this morning that was very “disturbing”. If you agree with BOSSIP want to do something about this sh*t, click here.

Before we pass away, our most ambitious goal is to play a part in burying the peace sign, once and for all. The sh*t is not cool anymore. SMH.

Go under the hood for have your say on whether the peace sign should be stopped Continue »

Ladies, Would You Let This Old Whippersnapper Hit It????

Richard Irby

Meet Richard Irby, the 55 year-old guy from Tallahassee Florida who rides around on his bike all day in a thong and some little geriatric Velcro kicks. We’re not sure if he’s your type ladies, but would you let this old fella get in them drawls????

Peep another one of him digging all up in his thong when you… Continue »

Sir Lucious Left Foot Performs at the BMI Awards


Big Boi performed at the BMI Awards in NY last night. We when first saw this picture, all we could do was SMH but then we found out that he was perfoming with the infamous George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.

Pop it to Everybody that Came Through… Continue »


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