Jackpot: Women Who Could Retire Off Of Their Child Support Checks

anderson and kimora

Women Who Could Retire Off Of Child Support Checks

You guys out there think you’re paying a lot in child support? These men are putting their old ladies in mansions with their support payments. Take a look at the women who are making the money from child support payments that they could retire off of.

Got What He Deserved: Bus Driver Fired And Arrested For Slapping Bad Little Boy After He Hit Her Face First [Video]

We don’t see anything wrong with what she did. He should learn to keep his grubby little hands to himself.

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Hit The Road Jack! Neighbors Snitch About “The Smell” And Having To Call Cops As Chief Keef Is Videotaped Moving Out Of Rental Home In Chi-Town ‘Burbs! [Video]

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When The Checks Stop Coming In: Former NBA Baller Popped By Cops For Pumping Gas And Not Paying


Dayuuuuuuuuuuuum homie! In ’86 you was the man homie! Continue »


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