Hard Times: 12 Celebrities Who Died Penniless

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15 Celebrities Who Died Without A Dime

We’ve heard so many stories of celebrities going broke. Usually, though, they find ways to get some sort of career going before they die. These celebrities, though, died broke. So, so, sad.

Joe Louis – He died without any money to his name.

Gary Coleman – He fell under financial troubles and died with hardly a dime to his name.

Sammy Davis, Jr. – He was famous as a member of the Rat Pack, but when he died he was $15 million in debt.

Judy Garland – You know her as Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz, but what you don’t know is that when she died at 47, she was $4 million in debt.

Michael Jackson – He wasn’t struggling to eat but he died millions in debt.

Vincent van Gogh – He suffered from severe mental disorders and by the time he died, he was penniless and alone.

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    Oscar Wilde – He contracted cerebral meningitis and died alone in a hotel room.

    Edgar Allan Poe – He was only paid a few bucks for “The Raven” and couldn’t actually get a job. He died penniless.

    Charlie Parker – He battled substance abuse and died without anything at the age of 34.

    Corey Haim – He died broke and alone after being a teen heartthrob.



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