Galleries: Rihanna Uncut…Backstage LOUD Tour [Photos]

Rihanna Backstage Loud Tour Photos

Here are some candid pics of your girl Rih Rih getting it in backstage during her Loud Tour Continue »

15-Yr Old Patty Fabian Stalked, Beaten, And Video Posted Online By Bullies! [Video]

Serious question; should kids get arrested for fights at school, or is a suspension enough? Continue »

Black “GOP Lovin”: Herman Cain Says Wife Gloria Is Taking The Sexual Harassment Stuff Way Worse Than He Is, New Accuser Hires Gloria Allred

herman and gloria cain

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Hollywood Divorce: Kimmy Cakes And Her Doofus Husband Talked Reconciliation This Weekend… With A Pastor [Pics]

Kim Kardashian pictured at Kris Humphries' Minnesota home

Kim Kardashian was spotted sitting outside what could have been her Minnesota home while in town for a Come to Jesus meeting with her doofus hubby Kris and the pastor that officiated their wedding. Continue »

Magazine Covers: Kobe Bryant Strikes A Pose For GQ Italia!

Kobe Bryant covers GQ Italy

Kobe Bryant taps into two of his passions besides basketball for the new issue of GQ Italia. Continue »